What is Grafting?

    By combining two different varieties, you can create plants with excellent characterisitics from each variety.

    Benefits of Grafting

    Increased plant vigor and yield. Using rootstock with a strong root structure and vigorous habit, the plants can build more stamina for a longer crop cycle, consequently achieving a higher yield.

    Improved tolerance to external environmental stress. Using environmental resistant rootstock, the plants can developbetter tolerance to cold or hot temperatures, and/or drought.

    Improved resistance or tolerance against soil born diseases. Using disease tolerant/resistant rootstocks, the plants will have improved tolerance/resistance to soil born diseases, consequently enabling repeatd crop production in the same field location every year with-out fumigating.

    How Does it Work?

    The scion is the plant chosen for having excellent fruit. After cutting the scion at an angle in the appropriate place it is joined with the rootstock which was also cut at the same angle. The rootstock is the plant chosen for it’s vigorous growth and better root development.




    Grafted plants will have better development and a more vigorous plant habit consequently enabling higher yields, yet still producing excellent quality fruit. American Takii sells rootstock seed for Cucumbers, Eggplant, Melon, Tomato,and Watermelon.