Steve Wiley

General Manager/COO

Steve is a long-time professional in the vegetable seed industry. He has 34 years of combined experience at Monsanto Vegetable Seed Division, Petoseed and Sierra Seed in Nogales, time spent primarily in Latin America where he became fluent in Spanish. Steve has experienced first-hand the technological evolution of the industry which has well-positioned him to oversee Takii’s new state-of art seed processing plant in Salinas. He is a member of the Board of Directors, Monterey County Farm Bureau. A native of the Salinas Valley, Wiley received his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science & Management from the 
University of California at Davis.

Keiji Nakamori

Assistant General Manager

Keiji is from Osaka, Japan and graduated from the Faculty of Business, Osaka City University with a Bachelor of Business degree. He joined Takii & Company, Ltd. In Kyoto Japan in April 1996, and has been part of the International Sales & Marketing Department spending most of his time in the vegetable seeds business. Keiji was assigned to Takii subsidiary companies, Takii Europe B.V. from April 1997 to March 2000 and Takii do Brasil Ltda. from April 2003 to March 2008. Keiji began his tenure at American Takii in March, 2018

Kimberly Kuden

Head of National Sales & Product Development, Vegetables

Kimberly has an accomplished history in the vegetable seed industry in North America.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Agribusiness, and her MBA from California State University, Sacramento in International Policy. Kimberly earned her PhD from Northcentral University, San Diego in Organizational Leadership. She has held positions focusing on global production and supply and most recently worked for Sakata Seed America, Inc. as Senior Sales Manager. Kimberly will lead American Takii’s North American Vegetable Sales and Product Development departments as well as oversee product life cycle management. She is based out of American Takii’s Salinas, California facility.

Jerry Vosti

National Vegetable Sales Manager and Marketing

Jerry started his career in the seed industry in 1977 at Moran Seed which eventually became Harris-Moran. From the very beginning he has had a passion for the seed industry which has not waned over his has more than 38 years of sales experience working directly with growers. At Takii he is responsible for the sales management of vegetable dealers in the U.S. and Canada and oversees vegetable marketing activities. He has worked at Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds, Pybas Seed Company, INCOTEC and Seed Dynamics. Well-known and active in the Salinas Valley, he is particularly proud of teaching young children about growing vegetables through projects organized by the non-profit, Monterey County Agricultural Education where he serves as a Board Member. Vosti is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

Mike Huggett

National Flower Sales Manager

Mike Huggett started his career at Raker Acres at the ripe old age of 14. From that time, Mike worked through the transition from field laborer to greenhouse ornamental and vegetable production, ultimately gaining the position of head grower. After leaving production Mike began working for breeders such as Daehnfeldt and Floranova working specifically as technical advisor for each. In 2009 Mike began working as technical product manager for Takii eventually being named Eastern Flower Sales Manager in 2012. He was promoted to National Flower Sales Manager in 2017. Mike also directs new product development and marketing for the flower department.

Toshi Ueda

Logistics and Manufacturing Manager

Toshi is responsible for logistics and seed production. He moved from Takii’s Kyoto headquarters to Salinas in the spring of 2015. He has worked with Takii Seed for 34 years since graduating from Shimane University Japan. Many people may remember Toshi from the years 1985 to 1999 when he was here in Salinas. He’s an experienced broccoli and lettuce breeder, known for developing “Legacy” lettuce. Toshi also worked in research and production at Takii Japan for 12 years and for Takii France SA for 5 years in charge of Italian and French production. He is proud of being so active in the production of the best quality seed in the world.