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Two More AAS Winners for Takii
Petunia F1 Trilogy Red and Salvia Summer Jewel White have both earned 2015 AAS National awards. The Trilogy series, which requires less growth regulators, lasts longer on the retailer shelf display without tangling, and performs in the garden with minimal care. Trilogy has a novel dome shape and is available in 8 colors.

Salvia Summer Jewel White has the same desirable traits as Summer Jewel Red and Summer Jewel Pink, both AAS award winners, blooming approximately 7 – 9 weeks after sowing, having a compact habit with excellent branching, blooming all season long and attracting hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Another Breeding First for Takii
Petunia F1 African Sunset is the first orange Petunia from seed. A 2014 AAS winner, African Sunset has an excellent mounding habit, strong stems, excellent vigor and covers itself in striking orange-hued flowers. Strong flower petals stand up to humid conditions. Reaching a height of 14 inches, and a width of 32 inches when fully mature, African Sunset is a fabulous landscape performer. It also excels in hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Takii Breeds the First Seed Hybrid Canna
Canna F1 South Pacific Scarlet is the first hybrid Canna from seed and a 2013 AAS award winner .  Being from seed, South Pacific Scarlet is not prone to diseases often transmitted in rhizome propagation. South Pacific Scarlet’s hybrid vigor allows it to fill a pot faster, bloom sooner and more prolifically. The vibrant scarlet of the large flowers creates a dramatic and tropical feel.  Use this striking beauty in planters, mixed containers, gardens, landscapes and in shallow areas of water features.

Salvia Summer Jewel and Begonia Monza Thrive at UGA Trial Garden
Yes, we’ve been telling you about the earliness and outsanding performance of our AAS award winning Salvia Summer Jewel series. We’ve also featured our Begonia Monza and Havana series at Spring Trials, showing how early they are and how well they perform.  Don’t take our word for it, click here and find out  what Dr. Allan Armitage has to say about these great series.

Another AAS Award Winner for Takii in 2012!
Takii has bred another AAS winner! Salvia Summer Jewel Pink was judged to be an AAS winner and joins Summer Jewel Red which earned an AAS award in 2011. This series offers gardeners an early-blooming, compact Salvia coccinea. Summer Jewel blooms in approximately 7 to 9 weeks from sowing, about 3 weeks earlier than Lady in Red, a previous AAS winner also available from Takii. Heavily branching, the Summer Jewel series produces an abundance of flower spikes that are loaded with densely packed flowers. The flowers are long lasting, and the plants are full, compact, long blooming and heat tolerant. The inspiration for the name Summer Jewel came from the hummingbirds that are  attracted to these brilliantly colored blooms.

Takii Launches the Petunia F1 Trilogy Series
Petunia F1 Trilogy has been bred to help the grower, the retailer and the consumer. By focusing on performance in every stage, Takii delivers a product that requires less growth regulators, lasts longer on the retailer shelf display and performs in the garden with minimal care. The Trilogy series features uniformity across all colors, a controlled habit resulting in less tangling and breakage, and it has less daylength sensitivity. It has a unique dome shape, with a height of 12 to 15 inches, and a spread of 30 to 36 inches. Available in 7 colors.

Takii Seed Receives 2010 Industry Achievement Award and Editor’s Choice Award from Greenhouse Grower
American Takii proudly accepted Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence  for Industry Achievement award and Editor’s Choice award for Canna Tropical Bronze Scarlet.  The Medal of Excellence for Industry Achievement came during Takii & Company, Limited’s 175th anniversary year.  Takii’s breeding program has achieved many “firsts” over the years including the world’s first hybrid tomatoes, celery, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, daikon and eggplant.

We’re very pleased that Canna Tropical Bronze Scarlet has been recognized by Greenhouse Grower with its Editor’s Choice Award. The Canna Tropical series is the first canna from seed, and the newest addition to the series introduced in 2010 is Bronze Scarlet, the first bronze leaf canna from seed.  While most cannas are tall, Tropical is bred to be genetically dwarf, achieving a height of 3 to 4 feet in a growing season.  The series thrives in heat and high humidity, so much so that it is used extensively in the landscape at Walt Disney World.